Find the best time to travel through the Gotthard Tunnel!

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What is this?

Gotthard Traffic helps finding the best time to go through the Gotthard Tunnel by visualizing traffic data and providing traffic delay predictions. Scroll down to see the current dashboard. The data is in real time, updated every 15 minutes.

Does it work?

Yes. Traffic delays repeat with partially predictable patterns. For example, some time of the day and some day of the week are busier than others. Choose below the day of the week you are traveling and check the expected traffic during the day. The dashboard continuosly collects different data sources, can track when these patterns change and can return useful prediction. It cannot of course predict car accidents or tunnel closures.

Is it free?

Yes. You can consider donating to support the running costs. The dashboard is still under development and new features are coming up soon! Viewing is optimized for desktop or tablets. If you are using a phone, turn it horizontally for best view. If you experience bugs or have suggestions, please send an email!